So I decided to start playing water polo. My new trend is apparently to decide to do something, whatever it may be, and then just go do it before I have a chance to talk myself out of it. I looked up a club on the internet, and showed up in the same week.

Drawbacks to the spur of the moment method, as they pertain to water polo in particular:

I knew nothing about water polo – apparently the pool is at least 7′ deep end-to-end. Which means you swim for the entire length of practice. At one time (like, 2 weeks ago) I thought I was a good swimmer.

When you’re an adult, people expect that you’re able to do certain things – throw a ball, swim, etc. Unfortunately for me, starting water polo by jumping in the pool and just giving it a whirl, I felt like a 6-year-old on the first day of swimming lessons.

Upsides to aforementioned method:

Water polo is fun and ridiculously good exercise.

The conversations about how you got there are always fun – So have you played before? No, actually. Oh, so why did you decide to play water polo? I don’t know, I just wanted a team sport, and it’s really hot outside so the water seemed like a good idea. How did you find out about our club? When you google “water polo” with “(name of locality),” you end up here.